Qatar Museums Authority – Strategic Thinking & Planning

    “The facilitator was very active, energetic, and well-versed in the topics covered. What I found different about this course was how interactive and fun it was. I will be using the strategic planning and thinking concepts that were covered in the program in planning my future (work & life).”

    “What a different experience! For the very 1st time, I was excited every morning to attend the workshop sessions. This program will be 100% useful in my daily life.”

    “A really great, fun and informative course. Not to mention, great job with the delivery of the program; working with such a diverse group; the sharing of very important examples to help us in better working with each other. The program has helped to understand the roles and responsibilities of my superiors and how I can better help/support them and my colleagues.”

    “The instructor had immense knowledge and experience, and that helped us to understand the information easily. The program was very interactive, and it will help me to think and plan strategically, as well as help with positive thinking.”


    Al Sahwa Schools – Time Management

    “Excellent training that has helped me to set up priorities for my work and personal life. I have learnt how to set up a time table for all of my interests. The trainer had great and unique techniques of dealing with others. The workshop was simple yet full of information, and the method of delivering the training was superb.”

    “The trainer was very impressive and had a great impact on the audience. He dealt with us very professionally while sharing his knowledge about time management. This program will help me to set-up priorities for daily tasks, and will accordingly flag them as important, urgent, regular or unimportant.”

    “The techniques and different activities used in the program were very interesting and helped in delivering the information. This was a very good program, and is important for all employees as it helps with understanding priorities, setting up plans and meetings.”


    Qatar Foundation – Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

    “I would describe this course as very informative, fun, interactive, entertaining and engaging. I enjoyed the program due to the trainer’s style of delivery. It was a real pleasure. This program has taught me how to approach problems instead of panicking.”

    “I really loved this course! It was so full of energy. We played a lot of games and learnt a lot of creative ways of solving problems. The instructor was very nice, and his way of teaching was very unique. I will be using the lessons learnt from here in my life.”

    “This course will help me in my life to take informed decisions. I really found the topic and games to be different at the same time really enjoyable. The trainer delivered the content in a very interesting and interactive way.”

    “The trainer used a lot of activities to explain the content which was really interesting. This course will help me in identifying the problem root-causes, generating different solutions and choosing the best among them.”

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