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What's so different about this programme?

Public Programme Dates & Schedule

Doha: 6-7 Feb'19, 24-25 Apr'19, 29-30 Sept'19
Duration:2 Days
Fees: QAR 4250

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives, Managers & Supervisors
  • Team Leaders & Team Members
  • Professionals working under pressure

Course Objectives

  • Understand how we experience stress and how to transform it into useful emotions
  • Learn how to integrate proven time management techniques into your daily life
  • Understand the importance of, and useful techniques for, setting and achieving goals
  • Learn how to proactively schedule tasks, construct weekly plans and daily to-do lists
  • Master strategies and techniques to handle procrastination and interruptions
  • Identify how to empower others by delegation - what and how to delegate
  • Learn how to better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency
  • Practice the use of the stress-reduction techniques and experience immediate results.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Better organise yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency
  • Set realistic outcomes and use effective NLP techniques for achieving goals
  • Gain control of your attitudes and emotions, and learn how to transform undesired ones into productive ones
  • Achieve results by delegating in a way that guarantees success and minimises any form of resistance
  • Control and overcome distractions that can derail your workplace productivity
  • Manage and minimise work related stress effectively
  • Communicate assertively to better use your time and boost your self-confidence
  • Complete work tasks and activities in much less time
  • Enjoy more satisfaction at work, and free up your time for achieving more important tasks.

Course Content

Neuro-linguistic States and the Languages of the Mind
  • The Psychology of Human Emotion
  • The Higher Levels of Mind and The Power of Self-Reflexivity
  • Differentiating Person from Behaviour
Clearing The Mind
  • Identifying and Disputing Cognitive Distortions
  • The Power of Pre-suppositions, Self-Acceptance and Appreciation
  • Techniques for Transformation
  • Owning your Power-Zone
  • Techniques for Instant Release and Relaxation
  • Setting Expectations
Goal Setting
  • The Three P's
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Prioritizing Your Goals
  • Visualization
Prioritising Your Time
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • The Urgent Versus Important Matrix
  • Assertiveness
Planning Wisely
Tackling Procrastination
Crisis Management
Organising Your Workspace
  • De-Clutter
  • Managing Workflow
  • Dealing with E-mail
  • Using Calendars
Delegating Made Easy
  • When to Delegate
  • To Whom Should You Delegate?
  • How Should You Delegate
  • Keeping Control
  • The Importance of Full Acceptance
Setting a Ritual
Meeting Management
Alternatives to Meetings.



  • “A very motivating, interactive and knowledgeable training! The program will be helping in timely planning and achievement of professional and personal objectives.”
  • “The instructor shared valuable insight and tips on how to improve management of time, and how to deal with issues that prevent us from achieving our objectives. Definitely when put to use, the skills and ideas learned from this program will help to meet the demands and objectives more efficiently.”
  • “It was a very useful course, and I recommend giving this course to the Executives and Directors also. This program will help with a lot of things such as planning and organising my time and work.”
  • “The course has shown us how working hours can be scheduled for better performance. It will definitely improve the quality of work, and the efficiency.”

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