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Strategic Thinking and Planning – ILM Endorsed

Defining Strategy & Direction for the Future

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What's so different about this programme?

  • This is an ILM endorsed programme.

  • This programme covers the A to Z of how strategic planners think, execute and communicate about the strategic plan to all stakeholders.

  • This is not the typical, boring strategic planning course in the market these days. Our programme uses a very hands-on, interactive approach to learning, and helps participants to think from a strategic perspective while enjoying the workshop.


Public Programme Dates & Schedule

Doha: 2-3 Dec'18, 17-18 Feb'19, 25-26 Aug'19, 3-4 Nov'19
Duration:2 Days
Fees: QAR 4550

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers
  • Prospective Managers
  • Supervisors & Team Leaders

Course Objectives

  • An overview of the difference between mission and vision statements
  • Learn how to develop objectives, goals and action plan for the strategic plan
  • Explore key issues that affect your organisational strategic-tactical balance
  • Master strategic analysis tools to help understand your strategic environment
  • Learn how to design, plan and implement effective strategic change projects
  • Develop skills for evaluating opportunities and threats to your business
  • Learn how to diagnose and manage organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Master and practice creative thinking techniques to encourage new ideas
  • Understand how to develop new strategies and options for your organisation
  • Recognise the need for change and deal with the discomfort change brings
  • Explore the main components of the strategic planning and control process
  • Learn how to convert a strategic plan to an operating plan.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to: 
  • Distinguish between the vision and the mission statement from a strategic perspective
  • Devise and communicate an inspiring, meaningful vision to all the organisational stakeholders
  • Develop robust strategic thinking skills to assess the macro and micro factors affecting the organisation and the market
  • Formulate and execute strategic plans to meet objectives
  • Align your organisation with your strategic planning goals by integrating strategy, objectives, metrics and performance
  • Manage culture, human resources, skills, processes and structure for strategy execution
  • Become more influential in driving strategic change and effectively manage any resistance to change
  • Assess the changing business environment and identify strategic options for long-term competitive advantage
  • Successfully execute strategy to achieve anticipated results
  • Put the strategic plan into action by creating a powerful communication strategy that can convey your ideas to the team so they are motivated and know what to do
  • Establish performance indicators that suit your organisation and truly measure the success or failure of the strategic plan.

Course Content

  • What is a Vision? What is a Mission?
  • Communicating the Vision and Mission
  • Organisational core values
  • Planning: strategic, tactical and operational
  • Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning and “Helicopter View”
  • The Strategic Planning and Control Process
  • Creativity and Brainstorming
  • Tools and Techniques for internal analysis
    • The SWOT Analysis
    • Balanced Scorecard
  • Tools and techniques for external analysis
    • PEST/PESTLE Analysis
    • Competitive advantage/unique selling points
    • The Extended Boston Consulting Growth Share Matrix
    • Porter's five competitive forces
    • Growth drivers
  • Monitoring The Strategic Plan implementation
  • Elements for strategic success
  • Recognising the need for change
  • Benefits of strategic management
  • Setting strategic objectives
  • SMART(ER) objectives and goals
  • Criteria of effective action plans
  • Linking goals, strategies, action plans and budgets
  • Motivating employees to accept and 'buy in' to new strategy
  • Implementing the strategic plan
  • Communicating the strategic plan
  • Developing control systems and performance measures
  • The Balanced Scorecard.

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