Frequently Asked Questions

The delivery time:

The Certificate Qualifications are delivered over 2 weeks and the Diploma Qualification over 1 week. There is a period of around 5/6 weeks between each week. This allows the student to return to their workplace, review their learning, and complete the required workbooks and assignments. Oakwood also maintains regular contact with the sponsoring client to advise on the progress of each student. Students will normally complete their qualifications within 6/7 months (or sooner) – both Certificate and Diploma.

Who should attend ?

The qualifications are designed to cover all the practical skills required by proficient and effective HR/HRD Specialists, HR Officers, Administrators, etc, as well as Trainers, Training Advisors or Administrators.

What Qualifications do I need ?

No formal educational qualifications are needed but it is useful if you are currently working within an HR or Training role. The programmes are delivered in English so you should be reasonably fluent in both written and spoken English, and possess a good level of IT skills.

What about examinations ?

There are no examinations. Each student must successfully complete all the required workbooks and assignments as well as attend all the training days, and maintain ongoing professional development records. Student progress will also be monitored during their training.

What help do I get ?

On the first day of your qualification you will be assigned a Mentor who will provide you with continual guidance and support throughout the whole qualification so as to ensure success.

What about CIPD membership ?

Whilst studying for one of these qualifications you must join the CIPD as a studying member. On completion of the qualification you will receive CIPD Certification. Assuming you are working in an HR/HRD role, you can then apply to become an Associate Member of the CIPD, and use this designation on your business card etc.

As a sponsoring organisation what information do
I get on my staff member’s progress ?

Oakwood will provide you with a regular bi-monthly update of each student's progress. This does not contain personal information on the student but shows their individual progression towards the qualification, how each one is progressing with their assignment completions and their overall success rate. It also highlights students who may be falling behind so that the sponsoring organisation can take corrective action as necessary.

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