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Powerful Salesman – ILM Endorsed

Sales Excellence: Bridge the Gap between Knowing & Doing

Public Programme

Who Should Attend:

  • Clients-facing Sales Managers
  • Sales Team Leaders
  • Sales Team Members

Course Objectives

  • Understand the modern approach to selling using emotional intelligence
  • Develop your style and strategy for selling
  • Develop exceptional skills of communication and persuasion
  • Build empathy and rapport to develop a strong connection with potential buyers
  • Master objection handling and deal skilfully with difficult or challenging customers
  • Learn techniques for dealing with setbacks and adversity
  • Understand how to guide your clients to make decisions that ensure their highest satisfaction
  • Triple your closing ratio and make more money!

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use highly effective emotional intelligence techniques; to stay aware and in control of your emotional state
  • Identify your customers’ needs and buying criteria, even when they don’t want to tell you
  • Engage yourself and your buyer in a positive emotional state that will maximise your selling performance.

Course Content

  • The new approach to Selling
  • Good Selling vs. GREAT selling
  • Selling Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Exceptional persuasion and influence skills
  • Precision questioning
  • Value based selling
  • The decision making EQ Model
  • Objections mastery
  • Gaining commitment from clients to move the sale forward
  • The strategic sales pitch flow
  • Reading body language and facial expressions.


  • "The program was unique in style, delivery and explanation. It will be very useful on both professional and personal levels. At the professional level it explains how to deal with people and customers based on their type of personality which will help in improving the interaction with customers and improve sales. And, in personal life, the program will help in how to deal with friends & family."
  • "I regard this as an essential training for my career as a banker. Enjoyed every topic and the way it was presented. The program will improve my selling and marketing skills, and also the way I communicate with people."
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable and had a unique style of presenting that draws attention. The subject material was excellent. The workshop was very interactive and used some funny photos relevant to the subject which I enjoyed a lot.  This program will help a lot especially in assessing people and evaluating selling situations."

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