Emotional Intelligence

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Looking at the Brighter Side


Who Should Attend:

  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Team Leaders & Team Members
  • Professionals seeking self development

Course Objectives

  • Establish the idea of positive thinking in a more realistic manner
  • Familiarity with tools of Humanistic Psychology for behavioural change
  • Understand and manage one’s thinking processes for more vital living
  • Learn how to reframe life’s events to get the best out of every situation
  • Develop  relationship management skills for more productive relationships
  • See the world with new eyes.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Use easy tools to increase your levels of resilience
  • Develop a better, more proactive approach to challenges
  • Develop better Emotional Management
  • Get the best out of any given situation
  • Achieve a greater level of self-acceptance and appreciation
  • Transform your thinking processes so they serve you well
  • Lower everyday stressors in personal and professional life.

Course Content

  • The Overrated Positive Thinking
    • Is there such a thing as Optimistic People?
    • The Structure of Resilience – How much do you have
  • Meaning and Performance
    • But what is meaning?
    • Mind-Body is one system – The Embodiment of Meaning
    • Meaning and Meaning Making
    • The Meaning and Performance Matrix – Know your quadrant
  • It’s all about States
    • State Awareness
    • How intense are your states of empowerment
    • Meta-Stating for State Management in the face of adversity
  •  Restore Factory Settings
    • Culture and Mental Programming
    • Learned Helplessness
    • Accessing your personal powers
    • The Power Zone Pattern
  • Intentional Living
    • It’s all about pleasure and pain
    • Wonders of The Subconscious Mind
    • The power of intentionality
  • Regaining The Sense of Self
    • Self-Acceptance
    • Self-Appreciation
    • Self-Awe
  • Reprogramming Thinking: From Learned Helplessness to Learned Optimism
    • Is there such a thing as Pessimistic People
    • Cognitive Behavioural Psychology
    • Cognitive Distortions
    • Enriched Cognitive Thinking
  •  Develop better relationships with living
    • So what is “Real”?
    • Concepts as phenomena of mind
    • Meta-Stating Concepts of adversity
  • Others Matrix
    • Others and your beliefs
    • Developing nurturing relationships
  • World Matrix
    • Resolution based frame of mind
    • Your conflict resolution skills.
This ILM Accredited course is eligible for Unit Credits towards ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management Diploma, Certificate and Award qualifications.

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