Finance & Budgeting

SME Action Plan

Turn Ideas into Action through our Comprehensive SME Toolkit


Who Should Attend:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bank Staff – Middle & Senior Management

Course Objectives

  • To help participants gain the essential skills required to prepare and analyse different components of the Action Plan from Marketing, Operations and Finance point of view
  • To train participants in assessing their ability to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and understand how each department.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Understand the meaning of SME and the way to develop an efficient business plan
  • Develop a thorough Marketing Plan and how to promote your business
  • Work on a comprehensive Operational Plan, Inventory matters, equipment, human resources and handle each department tasks seamlessly
  • Learn how to handle your business from Finance point of view; developing financial statements  and breakeven analysis, profit/loss statements and an overall understanding of how to handle the business financially
  • Write, understand and implement a complete business plan.

Course Content

Module 1: Market Analysis and Marketing Plan for SME
  • Market and Marketing for SMEs Environment
  • Market Analysis and Forecast
  • Identifying and Analysing your Customers
  • Identifying Competitors and your Competitive Devices
  • Identifying and Setting The Business Objectives
  • Analysis Tools: The SWOT and the PEST
  • Marketing Plan - Four Ps
  • The Difference in a Marketing Plan for Services and Trading Companies
Module 2: Operation Plan for SME
  • Roles of Operation Plan in the Business Plan for SMEs
  • Components of Operation Plan
  • Process of Operation Plan Making
  • Equipment and Inventory
  • Investments and Costs
  • What is Fixed Cost versus Variable Cost?
  • The Human Resources plan and how it affects the Financials?
  • The Operational for Services and Trading Companies
Module 3: Financial Plan for SME
  • Roles of Financial Plan in the Business Plan for SMEs
  • Components of Financial Plan
  • Financial Assumptions
  • Financing Structure: Sources and Uses of Funds
  • The Cost of Capital and Cost of Cash
  • What is a Balance Sheet?
  • What is an Income Statement?
  • The Ratios and their Indications
  • What is Cash Flow Projection, NPV and IRR?
  • Solvency and Profitability
  • Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis
Module 4: Writing Business Plan and What Commercial Bank is looking for:
  • The Cycle of Writing
  • Who to Write for and what to Write?
  • What to Highlight and what are the Different Components of a Written Business Plan
  • How to Write the “Executive Summary”

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