Customer Service

Perfecting Your Telephone Skills

Customer Retention through Flawless Telephone Skills

Public Programme

Who Should Attend:

  • Tele-sales professionals
  • Call Centre Staff
  • Professionals seeking to improve their telephone etiquettes
  • Staff members who directly or indirectly communicate with internal/external customers

Course Objectives

  • The importance of telephone manners and its relevance to the organisations standing and repute
  • Practicing the relevant key skills required to be an efficient, cooperative and empathising caller through superb listening skills
  • The significance of worthwhile and relevant questioning during a call
  • Master easy-to-use strategies to calm down an angry customer
  • Understand the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication in tough situations
  • A firm grasp on the skills required for outstanding telephone etiquettes
  • Understand the right tone of voice, pitch and style of communicating to use during each telephone conversation.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Handle customer complaints, suggestions and feedback with great precision
  • Tackle an angry customer without offending him/her and making the best use of emotional intelligence in such scenarios
  • Gain confidence and poise in dealing with all types of clients
  • Deal with each aspect professionally from greeting till the end of a telephone call
  • Build and maintain the image of your organisation and yourself.

Course Content

  • Customer Care via Telephone
  • Telephone Techniques to improve its communication process
  • Telephone Mannerisms for the Professionals
  • Types of Calls
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
  • Avoiding Clutter and Taking Messages Flawlessly
  • The importance of creating lasting impressions
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication patterns
  • Looking at the brighter side
  • The do’s and don’ts
  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • Be a good listener
  • Tackling challenging clients on the phone
  • Handling complaints and feedback
  • Telephone Charter
  • Wrap up and feedback.

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