Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office – PowerPoint 2013 (Intermediate/Advanced)

Deliver Outstanding Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013®

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Who Should Attend:

  • IT Professionals who provide tech support
  • Business users aiming for presentations with impact

Course Objectives

  • A complete guide to upgraded version of PowerPoint
  • An overview of the features available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013®
  • Learn how to create professional slideshow presentations
  • Learn how to manipulate slides, format text and text boxes
  • Learn how to integrate transitions, animations, dynamic content and videos
  • Learn how to use and create templates and themes.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Bring creativity to your presentations
  • Learn all about PowerPoint basics
  • Use advanced functions of PowerPoint 2013
  • Format your slides using the latest tools
  • Use all basic and advanced features of PowerPoint and apply to your workplace proficiently
  • Save time in making presentations by learning all about shortcut keys, inserting website links and other latest features.

Course Content

Day 1Microsoft Office 2013: Beginning PowerPoint Refreshers Course
  • Getting started with PowerPoint 2013
  • Visually enhancing PowerPoint 2013 Presentations
  • Adding images to presentations in PowerPoint 2013
  • Using multimedia and animations in PowerPoint 2013
  • Formatting
  • Inserting Images, shapes, charts, graphs, photo albums and links
  • Customising to your own needs
  • Shortcut keys and quick access toolbar
  • Merging, slideshows and printing your presentations
Day 2Microsoft Office 2013: Advanced PowerPoint
  • Using advanced slide show tools in PowerPoint 2013
  • Collaborating and sharing presentations in PowerPoint 2013
  • Advanced formatting: Inserting tables, media, animations and auto shapes
  • Customising to your own needs
  • WordArt
  • Advance Video Creation and Portable CD Package
  • Wrap-up and Conclusion.

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