Procurement & Contracts

E-Learning – (Level 1 – Foundation)


Who Should Attend:

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Supply Chain Professionals

Course Objectives

Our e-learning platform is home to our online, interactive courses, resources, assessments and our online procurement community. We consider e-learning to be an important part of our blended learning package.In all of our online learning we deliver:
  • A ‘right now approach’: delivering learning straight to the user when they need it in bite sized manageable chunks which you can fit into your daily work schedule.
  • A ‘wherever you need it’ method of delivery: our e-learning and the platform on which it sits, are accessible through all devices including mobile (smart phones, laptops and tablets).
  • Consistency: no trickling down of information. Everyone gets the same messages. Everywhere. Consistently.
  • Engaging online learning: appealing to all learning styles, by using a mix of media and a range of interactive tasks to help the user remember what they’ve learnt.
  • Support: our e-learning modules will let you know how you are progressing and how well you are doing. Inspiring confidence.
Our modules are interactive with a range of animated features that require delegates to constantly interact with the course to reveal and consider information. We can tailor the e-learning modules for you and we can even develop new content just for your organisation. In addition, the platform also hosts our online procurement community, an area for resources and an assessment section.

What will you gain?

We typically organize teams into groups according to role, their learning needs and where they are based. Groups will typically participate in a slightly different learning track per the level of skill/competence they require. We then develop a progressive learning pathway which seeks to give people the knowledge and confidence before going onto develop skills in applying the knowledge to their workplace. Pathways are intended to allow people to grow and develop within their role and prepare them for future roles where appropriate. We use a variety of learning interventions according to needs and preferences.At foundation level, individuals are given foundation online learning through our procurement learning-hub. It will be a 30-minute short interactive e-learning module and the main aim of this learning will be to get acquainted and familiarized with the content to be covered in higher levels. Our Foundation level, modules are based upon the following competency framework as listed below. If you need more information upon what’s covered in each module – please contact us at [email protected] for detailed brochure and 1 free demonstration on how e-learning module works.

Course Content

  • P1 – Procurement Leadership, Governance and Functional Design
  • P2 – Supply Base and Category Analysis
  • P3 – Risk Management
  • P4 – Strategy Formulation and Supply Market Engagement
  • P5 – Supplier Appraisal, Evaluation and Audit
  • P6 – Contract Selection and Legal Aspects
  • P7 – Pricing, Cost and Financial Analysis
  • P8 – Negotiation and Influencing
  • P9 – Supplier Performance, Relationship and Contract Management
  • P10 – Transactional Procurement
  • P11 – eProcurement and Technology
  • P12 – Project Management and Change
  • P13 – Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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