Customer Service

Defuse Your Angry Customers – Active Learning through Role Play Sessions

A 100% Interactive Workshop Packed with Real-time Strategies for Calming Down & Soothing Angry Customers

Public Programme

Who Should Attend:

All Customer-facing Business Professionals

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Psychology of “Why”, “When” and “How” customers get angry
  • Recognise situations that can cause frustration for customers, and seek ways to minimise the issues
  • Realise the importance of maintaining a good emotional state when dealing with angry clients
  • Develop awareness of how to objectively assess the situation and separate the customer from their behaviours
  • Master four easy-to-use strategies to always calm down an angry client
  • Understand the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication in tough situations
  • Learn to regain control of the conversation if the customer uses bitter or abusive language
  • Become aware of how “Excuses” can further escalate the situation.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Have better control on your emotions
  • Practice ways to diffuse anger calmly and patiently while handling your most irate clients
  • Master the tips and tricks to keeping your calm under most pressured working environment and handling difficult customers
  • Better exercise your reactions using emotional intelligence
  • Use and exercise the right strategy required to handle varying/alarming customer reactions
  • Accurately observe, read, decode body language, thoughts and be able to predict your customers mood at a glance
  • Use non-verbal communication to build rapport and empathise with your client
  • Speak the language that will help you sell and deal with your customer leaving a positive last impression.

Course Content

Day 1:   How to Handle the Irate Customer

Module One: Introduction “The Psychology of Anger”
  • Introduction to learning objectives
  • Role Play#1: Angry? Really Angry? – How well do you handle angry customers?
  • Why do people get angry?
  • How Angry is expressed
  • The importance of handling angry clients
  • Role Play#2: Attention! Where “lays” your focus?
 Module Two: Remaining Centered Under Pressure
  • Role Play#3: I Will get to you!
  • 3 Emotional Mastery techniques for keeping calm under pressure
  • Role Play#4: The Flawless Natural – Practicing maintaining calm without being too mechanical
  • When do Clients get angry? (Emotional Situational Analysis Matrix)
  • Video Exercise: Which would you rather deal with?
 Module Three – The Strategies
  • Pacing the customer’s experience – Empathy vs Sympathy
  • Leading the client to a more favourable state: 4 easy strategies to use when customers get angry
  • Exercise: Paving the road map – When to use each strategies (Linking Strategies to the Emotional Situational Analysis Matrix)
  • Role play#5: Using The Correct Strategy
  • Role play#6: Using The Wrong Strategy
  • Demonstration – How customers respond to different strategies
  • Reflection and Wrap up

Day 2: Disarming Irate Clients

Module Four: The “How” of communication
  • Exercise: Do you trust me?
  • The true meaning of communication: Body Language and Tone of voice
  • Role play#1: I am not convinced – How customers respond to non-verbal messages
  • Video Exercise: Would you buy from this car salesman?
  • Role play#2: unconscious tactics – Using non-verbal communication to build rapport and create empathy
 Module Five: Questions?
  • Demonstration – The power of words
  • Toxic Words never to use with angry customers
  • Role Play #3: Calm me “Blindly” – Understanding how customers respond to certain  words
  • Should I ask Questions?
  • Exercise: Focus Directing Questions
  • Role Play: Any Questions? – Using Questions to redirect the focus of the customer
 Module Six: BONUS MODULE - What other Types of Clients?
  • 3 Bonus Strategies to deal with
  • Bonus Role play#1: Dealing With the “Complainers”
  • Bonus Role play#2: Dealing with the “All I can Get” attitude
  • Bonus Role play#3: Dealing With “Passive/Non-responsive” Customers
  • Reflection and Wrap up.

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