Procurement & Contracts

Advanced Negotiation – (Level 3 – Advanced)


Who Should Attend:

  • Procurement Managers, & Executives
  • Procurement Departments & Professionals
  • Supply Chain Managers & Executives

Course Objectives

This is a 2-day program which focuses more extensively on negotiation tactics and the behavioural aspects of negotiation, building upon these by offering individuals the opportunity to develop their negotiation skills using video-based role-play. The program also provides a refresher in the core elements such as the pillars of negotiation, persuasion techniques and phases bringing these into a procurement context. The behavioural focus is designed to enable participants to respond to different styles and to embed assertive behaviour.

What will you gain?

By the end of the workshop, participants will:
  • Have greater recognition of their own behavior and values and of those around them
  • Will be able to confidently classify behavior and deal with aggression and non-assertion more confidently
  • Understand the importance of relationships and outcomes and be able to switch their style accordingly.

Course Content

During the course of the two days, individuals will be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques aimed at reinforcing their existing knowledge and building new behavioural skills.
  • Refreshed existing Negotiation knowledge with a ‘quiz
  • Completed a self-perception questionnaire of current personal impact within Negotiations
  • Understanding their typical behaviour and that of the persons they are dealing with both internally and externally
  • Understand and use a variety of behavioural skills to deal with aggressive/manipulative persons whilst still maintaining their emotional balance
  • Understand why we say and do the things we say and do
  • Explored a plethora of strategies to manage challenging behaviour within a Negotiation
  • Have developed an understanding of how personal behaviour can critically influence the outcome of a negotiation
  • Have learned how to identify, classify and commission non-verbal behaviour and to use it to advantage
  • Built strategies for managing conflict within Negotiations
  • Applied 20 advanced tactics in a mini role play session
  • Received feedback on personal impact whilst Negotiating with other participants
  • Completed recorded role play sessions with tutor feedback and coaching
Each 2-day program is suitable for 12 participants. Facilities and video equipment would normally be provided by the client but can be arranged by agreement.

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